Friday, 13 January 2012

I will continue to write a more personal blog here, which will include my ongoing love of baking sourdough bread.

Monday, 17 October 2011

beetroot sourdough

After the battle with the sticky tea towel my bread had a rustic shape to it but smelled divine.

The texture seemed fine and the colour less garish than the purple sticky dough I had left to rise for a couple of hours.


bad blogger but...

What happened to the summer? My last post was in May, I'm afraid I am a bad blogger. On the plus side, my enthusiasm for baking has not waned. I have made a lovely sourdough bread most weekends. Even thought about taking my starter away on holiday to Berwick-upon-Tweed last month, much to the despair of my wife!

I have not been that adventurous though, with my favourite loaves being baked with 50-50 granary flour to either white or wholemeal. Until today that is, when I decided to have a go at a gloriously messy beetroot sourdough that I saw in Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's book How to make bread. Its a beautifully produced book and the purple dough leapt out from the page at me.

It's in the oven as I type. It was a much wetter dough than I am used to and I made a right mess in getting it into the oven from my improvised prooving basket (an under-floured sticky tea towel and colander). Flat and misshapen it may be but  the aroma wafting up from the kitchen is just fine... and there's the buzzer... got to go...